Security film


Features and Usages
Prevents accidental flying objects or impact caused by the broken glass on the human body or property damage. Attached to the office building and mansion can prevent the occurrence of the accident, and also prevents the glass hit fall wounding. The front windshield of the speeding car impacted by unidentified object or flying stone, then the security film can be firmly suck shards of glass to prevent splashing wounding.
2. Unidirectional protection
Security film is better than a bullet-proof glass. First, it almost does not affect the transmittance but can reach the impact resistance of high-end bullet-proof glass. Second, unique unidirectional protection, prevent one-way from outside to the indoor shooting but fight back from the indoor without any obstruction. Natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, indoor personnel  can easier smashed through glass to escape.
3. Fireproof
Glass security film has to withstand the 900 degree heat is not spontaneous combustion characteristics, to prevent the damage caused by the hot brittle collapse of glass in the case of high temperature, greatly delayed the glass Softening collapse time in high temperature.
4. Bulletproof
Behind ordinary glass of appropriate thickness, paste a sufficient thickness of the armored bulletproof film can be successfully blocked shooting by different firearms. More than 12mm thickness of ordinary glass, paste 12 mils thick armored bulletproof film can effectively prevent the firing of 0.38 caliber bullets.
5. Burglar robbed
Glass security film have more than ordinary glass 500% hardness and 30000Psi high tensile, 160% elongation, criminals or violent activists are not easy to break, to delay their invasion time, can successfully prevent the property from stolen or snatch and personal injury.
6. Environmental health
Glass security film UV blocking rate exceeds 99%, thus protect the skin from direct sun hurting. Metal coating by magnetron sputtering coating technology processing have harmful rays and disordered strong magnetic filter function to ensure that they can not pass through the glass, so people get round-the-clock protection.

The glass security film range of applications:
Luxury apartments, villas, building, personal independence house, glass greenhouse, car, 24-hour self-service banking
Museums, banks, universities, hospitals, government offices, art galleries, schools, subway and other public facilities
Government offices and intelligence agencies
Airport, bus station, train station and convenience store
Jewelry stores, department stores
Government and the military, police departments, and various terrorist attacks possible dangerous places
Product Model Visible light transmittance Visible light inside reflectivity Visible light outside reflectivity InfraRed Rejection UV blocking rate Shading Coefficient Total solar energy rejection
SEP 3S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 5S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 10S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 20S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 30S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 40S 90% 8% 8% 10%     16%
SEP 50NB 50% 10% 13% 59%     53%
SEP 60NB 30% 10% 17% 63%     59%
SEP 56SP 56% 9% 11% 63%     56%
SEP 45SP 45% 9% 14% 75%     63%
SEP 48SP 50% 10% 16% 76%     61%
SEP 35SP 35% 10% 15% 81%     73%
SEP 40CD 40% 11% 19% 65%     60%
SEP 50SV 50% 11% 13% 49%     48%
SEP 30SV 30% 11% 19% 69%     67%
SEP 20SV 20% 55% 57% 81%     79%