sticky mat

Features and Usages
1.Sticky mats can capture and remove the last traces of contamination on shoes or wheels effectively at entrances of controlled or critical areas.
2.Several tack levesl are available as standard but custom tack level is also offered to meet the requirements of different appplications.
3. Consecutively numbered tabs help to keep track of the number of sheets remaining and prevent multiple sheets being removed inadvertently.
4. Sticky mats are widely used in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing industries.
Technical Data
Name of article:Sticky mats
Base material:POLYETHYLENE
Glue series:Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
Size:18"*36",18"*45",24"*36",26"*45" or according to your need
Color:Blue, White, Grey
Adhesive strength:low/ moderate/ high