Aluminum Composite Panel Protective Film

Features  and  Applications
Our aluminum composite panel protection film (Tape) offers stable adhering capacity, is easily applied and leaves no residue behind when removed. This product can effectively protect the surface of aluminum composite panels from scratches, damage and contamination during transportation and installation.
More Information 
With a width of 100-2000mm and a length of 100-1000m, Sanli aluminum composite panel protection film is able to suit customers' different needs. In addition, our ACP protection film is available in a variety of colors, such as transparent color, blue, white, etc., on which patterns and words can be printed according to customers' requirements. Moreover, our protection film can be customized. Polymer film for aluminum composite panel is available.

Specifications of Aluminum Composite Panel Protection Film 

 As a specialized aluminum composite panel protection film manufacturer in China, we also provide aluminum extrusion profile protection film, color steel plate protection film, glass protection film, among others.